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Few key features âœĻ

A new way to document the precious moments of your life with AI.

Real conversations

Converse with AI Diary based on your diary entries, preferences, and emotions — as though your diary is actually human.

Understand emotions better

Our mood analysis & graph feature helps you track your emotions over time, giving you deeper insights into your well-being.

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Writing analysis

Daily entries are analyzed and rated on it's readability, vocabulary, grammar and structure, helping you improve your writing.

Voice interactions

Narrate your diary entries and receive voice responses from the AI, making the experience more personal and engaging.

AI-generated summaries

Receive concise and coherent summaries of your diary entries, making it easy to review and reflect on your experiences.

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AI-generated poems

Receive poems generated by AI based on your diary entries, adding that little dose of fun to your experience.

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Smart suggestions

AI Diary helps to keep your thoughts flowing by prompting you to write more, and asking more questions.

Smart search

Find your entries quickly, and more accurately with the help of AI Diary's powerful search engine.

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Your diary is for your eyes only. We prioritize security and data protection to ensure your entries remain confidential.

Embrace the writer within 💊🏞

Supercharge your writing skills and tap into deeper insights with AI Diary!

Effortlessly express yourself

Our AI-powered prompt system makes it easy for you to write more. With intelligent prompts that quickly understand your mood, you'll always have something to write about. Our system is designed to keep the conversation going with you, so you can focus on writing and let the AI take care of the rest.

Recommended by professionals

Journaling is a respected method to improve your mood, productivity, and mental health. Psychologists, therapists, and industry experts all agree that journaling can have a profound impact on our lives. That's why we've designed AI Diary to help you make journaling a part of your self-care routine.

Simple, chat-based journaling

today was a stressful day at work with deadlines :(
AI Diary
Oh no, that sounds like a lot of pressure. Did you do anything to cope with the stress today?
i tried taking breaks throughout the day
AI Diary
That's great to hear, taking breaks can be helpful in reducing stress levels. May be you can plan a nice evening to relax?

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This is one of the smarter applications of this AI craze I've seen. Congrats, keep it up.

testimonial #1 for ai diary Keith H

This is just genius. It totally delivers on what it promises. And new features are coming in everyday!

testimonial #2 for ai diary Dhwani

I have a new friend in AI Diary now. Best part? She's always available.

testimonial #3 for ai diary Caitlyn

AI Diary is great at helping me figure out my world at the end of the day and helps me think about what is going on in my life.

testimonial #1 for ai diary Shawn Vybiral

I have started writing more than ever, and now look forward to it as well! I love my diary.

testimonial #2 for ai diary Nikunj B

This has been eye opening. Feels like I'm talking to a human! AI has made writing fun for me and it keeps improving too.

testimonial #3 for ai diary Kush
ai diary magic book

Unlock your writing potential

Writing can be a powerful tool for personal growth and reflection - even more with AI.